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Work 1 - Title
Daddy's Christmas Angel
Work 1 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Romance
Work 1 - Cover
Work 1 - Description
Sleepless in Seattle-inspired story of a little girl whose mother died in a car accident when the child was a year old. More than anything, Kathleen wants a mother and plots to connect her father and her second-grade teacher. Angie, the teacher, and David, Kathleen's father, are drawn into an unexpected romance. Can this connived relationship work out?
Work 2 - Title
Hotels to Remember
Work 2 - Genre
(Nonfiction) Art, Architecture &
Work 2 - Genre (Other)
Travel, photography
Work 2 - Cover
Work 2 - Website
Work 2 - Description
Visit 20 famous, historic and/or memorable hotels through photographs, art, and stories. Spinoff "Snapshot in Time" series of books is being created about the hotels featured in this coffee table book that is available from the author at monti7olen@verizon.net.
Work 3 - Title
Eagle Rising
Work 3 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Romance
Work 3 - Cover
Work 3 - Description
Because of the glorious Red Rock country and the history of the Indian tribes, Sedona is the perfect setting for Sikes' novel, Eagle Rising. In this book, the heroine, Rachael Barker, helps solve the mysterious disappearance of a popular novelist who is leading a seminar in the desert community. All the while, she faces danger from those who want to steal her map that shows the location of a long-lost gold mine. As Rachel struggles with the loss of her fiancé, she learns how to turn her life in a new direction and how to accept a new relationship in her life.
Work 4 - Title
Secrets by the Sea
Work 4 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Mystery & Crime
Work 4 - Cover
Work 4 - Description
Several years ago, Sikes visited Antigua where the sea drew her in, and she pondered, what if a man deserted his family for the attraction of this island? What if his granddaughter, Dana Sinclair, had a secret correspondence with him through the years? What if he were searching for a rare gold coin? What if he were murdered and Dana went to the island to find out who did it? Secrets by the Sea, is the award-winning gothic novel that grew from Sikes’ imagination as she wandered in Antigua along pathways and glorious beaches sometimes made treacherous by the winds.
Work 5 - Title
Night Watch
Work 5 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Mystery & Crime
Work 5 - Cover
Work 5 - Description
Night Watch was inspired by an unforgettable trip uthor Mary Montague Sikes took to the island of Trinidad off the coast of Venzuela. Before leaving she envisioned being part of a Bogart and Bacall movie where she might have the glamorous façade of a star by traveling in a white suit. That suit turned out to be inappropriate attire for the trip made by small motorboat over a churning sea to reach Gasparee, the offshore island where the resort hotel was located. The network of dark caves with stalactites and stalagmites, located on that island, created lots of “what ifs” for Sikes, especially when she learned of the island’s colonial history and found the caves were once frequented by pirates who stashed away their treasures there. Crossing the gulf and passing ocean-going vessels made her wonder, what if Lily Henri, her heroine, journeyed by small boat over these waters late at night with her life in danger? What if she looked like a woman murdered in the waters of the English Channel and mistaken identity put her in danger? What if she were caught up in a gunrunning mystery and later kidnapped? That mystery and intrigue on the island of Trinidad are part of Night Watch.

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Additional Works
Jungle Jeopardy, mystery/adventure, http://tinyurl.com/6th98z5

A Rainbow for Christmas, young adult romance,http://tinyurl.com/86vb4ko

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