The Richmond Writers Club chapter serves members of the Virginia Writers Club, Inc. who live in the City of Richmond and counties of Amelia, Chesterfield, Cumberland, Henrico, Goochland and Powhatan.

We meet at various libraries in the region. To learn more visit our calendar at our Meetup site:

It is free to join. Visit our Meetup site to join:

Members can come to regular meetings for free and events (such as speakers, conferences, and other resources) are pay-as-you-go. The Richmond Writers Club is in a transformative state and we welcome all new-comers.

We support writers in one of the following stages of writing:

  1. The Casual Writer: writing is a hobby or pastime. We offer monthly regional meetings where writers can share their writing, get constructive feedback, and generally enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of other casual writers. Generally speaking, the casual writer has no ambitions to publish.
  2. The Beginning Writer: has an idea they’ve wanted to write about for some time, or is curious about the writing process. We help the beginning writer to flesh out their idea and prepare for the writing process. The beginning writer has ambitions to publish either traditionally or self-publish.
  3. The First Draft Writer: is actively working on a manuscript. We offer critique and structured writing programs the help the WIP writer complete a first draft.
  4. The Revising Writer: is actively rewriting a first (or second, third…) draft in anticipation of submitting the manuscript for publication (either traditional or self-publishing). We help by finding editors, graphic artists, and others who can get the work ready for publishing. For the traditional publishing route, we help the writer create query letters, find editors, agents, and publishers who will be interested in their work. For the self-publishing writer, we help the writer get the work published in a Print on Demand and eBook venues for their book.
  5. The Published Author: has successfully published a book traditionally or self-published. We help the published author create a “platform” for their work and support them in marketing their books. Both the traditionally published author and self-published author can benefit from using social media, online advertising, and book signings to promote their book. And, where appropriate, we can help authors get their books into bookstores.

The Richmond Writers Club supports writers in all genres including:

  • Poetry
  • Genre Fiction (sci/fi, fantasy, romance, memoir, western, etc…)
  • Literary Fiction
  • Autobiography
  • Non-fiction (text books, cookbooks, self-help, reference, devotionals)
  • Young Adult
  • And more

No matter where you are in your writing journey, come to the Richmond Writers Club and we will help you get to the next level.



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