The Blue Ridge Writers Chapter, Virginia Writers Club, Inc. (hereafter, BRWC) serves the cities of Charlottesvile, Lexington, Staunton, and Waynesboro; and the counties of Albemarle, Augusta, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Nelson, Orange and Page.

The first program in our FREE 2018 Member Series features

author/teacher Rosanne Vrugtman, PhD

A fun and educational interactive “playshop” on editing

for writers and editors of any skill level,

in any prose genre or subgenre, fiction or nonfiction


Writing and editing are two very different crafts, requiring two very different skill sets. Paradoxically, improved editing can facilitate writing. This playshop will take a fun, engaging, interactive approach to this important (if sometimes tedious) topic.

Rosanne will include some sample paragraphs submitted from participants in teaching the skills of editing. If you would like to submit a paragraph of your own, send it to louise-mitchell@comcast.net after you register.


  • What’s Wrong with This Sentence? Participants fix examples of problem sentences from published sources.
  • Grammar Peeves - Facilitator provides examples of common grammar problems, with explanations and fixes.
  • Grammar Fixes - Participants review and discuss potential fixes for “troubled text” examples from their own WIPs.
  • Other Things Writers Need to Know - Facilitator recommends writing tweaks to increase clarity and impact.

Rosanne Vrugtman, PhD is an incurably curious lifelong learner with a low boredom threshold. She has five earned degrees: AA, BA in English (education minor), MS in human resources, MEd and PhD in adult education. She taught undergrad and postgrad business, academic, technical and creative writing and editing courses for 15 years; and continues to conduct professional training on an array of topics. After professional careers in business, human service and education, she has adopted a fourth career as an historical romance novelist.


The second program in our FREE 2018 Member Series features
dancer/author Roger Tolle

In this generative workshop for writers of fiction, nonfiction or poetry, participants will expand their kinetic, sensory, and tactile language; and practice with writing prompts to bring characters to life on the page, write more body action into sentences, and express sensuousness (not just intellect).

Participants will practice movement techniques that:

•     Shake off the stiffness that comes from long hours at a keyboard

•     Get their creative juices flowing

•     Explore the language of touch

•     Discover how posture, gait and gesture reveal emotion, mood, and attitude

•     Brainstorm movement verbs that bring readers into the feeling of characters—

      in relation to each other, to themselves, and to the world around them.

Wear loose clothes that don’t restrict your movement.

Bring your laptop or notebook for writing and your playful curiosity.

Roger Tolle has spent a lifetime devoted to embodiment. Whether as a dancer, teacher, or somatic movement therapist (and now as an author), he has brought to light our bodies’ inherent capacity to learn and grow, and its ways of revealing inner truth.

 * * *

      The Blue Ridge Writers Chapter (formerly known as the Charlottesville Writers) was founded in 1991 with the primary purpose of serving both aspiring and published writers in Central Virginia. Using programs and activities to encourage interaction between new and veteran writers, major goals include the support and stimulation of the art, craft, and business of writing; mentoring programs for teen writers; workshops and teaching forums for members; and advocacy for the literary arts in the communities served by the chapter. In addition to our Charlottesville group, we have two satellite groups: Skyline Writers' (meets in Luray) and SWAG (meets in Staunton). More info about our satellite groups below.
    Our chapter's Charlottesville group meets monthly, unless otherwise noted, in the downstairs conference room of the Virginia Foundation for Humanities, 145 Ednam Drive, Charlottesville, Virginia (take the first left, after turning off 250W into the Boar's Head Inn Complex). 

SATELLITE GROUPS of the Blue Ridge Writers:

Skyline Writers’ Circle is a satellite group of the Blue Ridge Writers (BRW) chapter of the Virginia Writers Club. It was founded and is facilitated Janell Robisch, who is an author, BRW/VWC member, and Luray resident. The group is new, with its first meeting in February 2017, so they are still finding their feet and their direction, whether that will be with support, critiques, speakers, and/or open mic sessions. If you are interested in attending meetings, please contact Janell at Janell.robisch[at]gmail.com. Meetings will be held at Trackside Theater in Luray (32 E Main St.) at 2:00 pm on the second Saturday of each month starting on February 11, 2017.

SWAG is the Staunton-Waynesboro-Augusta satellite group of the Blue Ridge Writers Chapter. Their aim is to elevate the profile of area writers and to promote the literary arts in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County. (They also welcome participation from Blue Ridge members elsewhere!) Facilitator: Clifford Garstang - cliff.garstang[at]gmail.com


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