Originally known as the Charlottesville Writers, BRW was founded in 1991 with the primary purpose of serving both aspiring and published writers in Central Virginia.  Visit Website https://blueridgewriters.com for membership and program information.

1.       Monthly writers’ critique meetings
2.       The Blue Nib writing contest
3.       Publication of the Journal of the Blue Ridge Writers
4.       Periodic programs with guest speakers
5.       The annual writers’ retreat


    • Sharron Houdek, Chair
    • Pat Alderman, Secretary
    • Treasurer, John Nicolay  
    • Alden Bigelow, Member-at-large
    • Valerie Williams, Member-at-large

    Contact: nicolay0211@gmail.com 

    The 30th Anniversary Anthology of Blue Ridge Writers 1991-2021: 

    To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the founding of Blue Ridge Writers, The 30th Anniversary Anthology of Blue Ridge Writers 1919-2021 has been published in three versions: Color ($24); Black & White ($5.25); and Kindle ($0.99). 

    Thanks to the 24 author contributors to the anthology and to the Blue Ridge Anthology Committee for your help on this two-year project:  Morgan Armstrong, Carol Cutler, Warren Groeger, Dory Hulse, Brenda Morris, and Lynn Young. (Former members were Pat Alderman, Joy Krystosek, Louise Mitchell, John Nicolay, and Rosanne Vrugtman.)

    The 30th Anniversary Anthology of Blue Ridge Writers was released 12/15/2020 and can be purchased at Amazon.com. 

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