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Phyllis "Maggie" Duncan


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Phyllis "Maggie"
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Phyllis Anne Duncan

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Blue Ridge

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  • Craft
  • Fiction (long form)
  • Fiction (short form)
  • Non-fiction (journalism)
  • Publishing
Other Topic(s) of Expertise
Aviation, U.S. government regulatory process, government administration

Poems, Novels, Plays, or other Works

Work 1 - Title
Blood Vengeance
Work 1 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Thrillers
Work 1 - Genre (Other)
Work 1 - Cover
Work 1 - Description
A collection of historical fiction short stories, featuring espionage.
Work 2 - Title
Spy Flash
Work 2 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Short stories/Anthologies
Work 2 - Genre (Other)
Historical fiction, Espionage
Work 2 - Cover
Work 2 - Description
A collection of espionage flash fiction.
Work 3 - Title
The Better Spy
Work 3 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Thrillers
Work 3 - Genre (Other)
Historical/Espionage fiction
Work 3 - Cover
Work 3 - Description
A novel in stories.
Work 4 - Title
My Noble Enemy
Work 4 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Thrillers
Work 4 - Cover
Work 4 - Description
"There are old spies and bold spies, but no old, bold spies because, if you believe all those blockbuster movies and bad novels, they go out in a blaze of gunfire. Or do they?"

Edwin Terrell, Jr., has enjoyed his post-CIA life as a security consultant. He lives comfortably, has amassed a decent stock portfolio, and even though he's in his sixties, he can look forward to years to come, increasing his net worth. That is, until a diagnosis forces him to face the end of his life sooner rather than later.
Work 5 - Title
The Yellow Scarf
Work 5 - Genre
(Fiction & Literature) Thrillers
Work 5 - Genre (Other)
Historical fiction
Work 5 - Cover
Work 5 - Description
A year after being medevacked from the disintegrating Yugoslavia, U.N. spy Mai Fisher is back for a new mission: investigating sniper activity in Sarajevo. Despite her reduction to be there, she does her job gathering forensic data to prove who is behind the sniper killings.

On a cold Autumn morning she finds herself at the spot in Sniper Alley where, the day before, someone shot a young mother on her way to buy milk for her children. With the help of freelance reporter Zachary Holbrook, Mai finds the proof she needs, but also feels the pull of justice, not just for this mother but also for what Mai lost the year before.

Pushing the limits of safety, Mai and Zachary search for the sniper's nest, hoping for a clue to the shooter's identity. Mai's partner--and husband--Alexei Bukharin watches their quest and ponders whether the Balkans have given his wife a death wish.

When Mai's focus on her mission costs a life, her desire for justice is strengthened, but Alexei understands here in the Balkans sometimes vengeance is the only option.

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Additional Works
Find all listed below at http://bit.ly/PADuncan
Spy Flash II, Espionage short stories, 2016
A War of Deception - Novel, 2017
A Face in the Crowd, 2017
Who Watches the Watchmen?, 2017
Hidden Agendas, 2017
A Perfect Hatred: End Times (Book One), 2018
A Perfect Hatred: Bad Company (Book Two), 2018
A Perfect Hatred: Descending Spiral (Book Three), 2019
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