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VWC Member New Releases - January/February 2022

01/29/2022 11:11 AM | Joanne Liggan (Administrator)

 VM Roberts:  Senator Stokes was released on 7/22/2021 by Amazon

 VM Roberts:  Searching for Lloyd was released on 12/14/2021 by Amazon

 VM Roberts:  Imprints of Her Decisions was released on 12/22/2021 by Amazon

 VM Roberts:  Nena St. George was released on 7/28/2021 by Amazon

 David Barudin:  People Around the Corner and Other Strangers was released on 1/24/2022, by Amazon (in ebook and paperback)


 Coe Sherrard:  The Other Side of Good was released on 1/18/2022, by Koehler Books

 Dawn Brotherton:  The Dragons of Silent Mountain will be released on 2/5/2022 by Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC

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