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The Virginia Writers Club is an inclusive organization that welcomes members without discrimination of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin or disability. 

We hope you are interested in becoming a member of the Virginia Writers Club. If you would like to join, please click the Join Now! button to the right or, if you prefer, you may download the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (PDF) and mail it with your dues payment (see levels of membership, below) to:

Virginia Writers Club, Inc.
Liz Long
PO Box 21301
Roanoke VA 24018

Individual chapters may have a separate application process and additional dues. Check with your local chapter representative for more information. 

Membership Categories

  • Active
        $15 NEW (First year only) | $30 Renewal | $500 Lifetime*
    Those who have a) written a book, play, movie, or other script which has been published, produced, or broadcast; b) edited a published anthology, literary journal, magazine, or newspaper; c) written and sold to a magazine, newspaper, book publisher, or other communication media, two poems, one short story, or an article; or d) who aspire or wish to achieve the aforementioned. Eligibility for this category is also open to individuals, organizations, associations, institutions, foundations, and other groups with a vested interest in and goals in common with the VWC. (Voting member)
  • Corporate
        $15 NEW (First year only) | $30 Renewal | $500 Lifetime *
    A business or philanthropic organization that supports the mission and objectives of the Club. (Nonvoting member)
  • Student (College or University)   $15/Annually.  Full-time students or part-time students. (Indicate College or University where indicated on the membership form.)
  • Teen Writer (Middle or High School Level)  FREE  (Download teen writer application and mail with parent or teacher's signature. Also see information on "Young Writers" page.)


* LIFETIME - A member who wishes to make one major contribution to the Club with the added benefits of:

  • Paid luncheon at each annual meeting

  • Seating with speakers and officers at each annual meeting

  • A Lifetime Member Certificate

  • And, never having to pay dues again!

Membership in the VWC does not constitute or imply endorsement, by the Club or its members, of a writer's body of work.

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